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Mobdro installs on your smartphones and tablets and enjoys unlimited streaming with joy. It is a free entertainment App provides all TV channels and online video streaming from the whole web. Supports all of Android Operating Systems and runs smoothly without the interference of Ads. Offers great entertainment from hundreds of channels and thousands of streams. You can install mobdro on any of your Android devices completely free.

Mobdro Install

mobdro install

It is the heart of a free streaming application designed and built for the Android operating system. A great app for all devices, based on Android Operating System. Enables users to sort from twelve beautiful categories across all networks for free streaming TV channels, movies, music, games, sports and technology and more.

The mobdro application works based on algorithms such as search engines. Ability to crawl various networks on the web to get free steam and bring them to mobdro and filter them in twelve specific categories.

It can be pronounce as an indexing tool for finding free streams where users can quickly find the desired stream. You can install the mobdro app on all Android and smart devices.

The entertainment on mobdro featuring huge unique and joyful. The reason is that it provides free streaming from many sources, and the built-in downloader makes it easy for people with limited Internet access to download videos.

Think of the latest version of mobdro with dark mode, DNS over HTTPs and faster streaming. In fact, mobdro took a lot of time and effort to categorize streaming content to collect media from around the world. I think its worth a try.

1. Install mobdro on Android

In terms of productivity, Android is a huge platform, mobdro has a huge advantage here, you can download and install directly on Android free. This is a great app that is powerful enough to let you watch everything you need in twelve different blocks of content.

If you are searching for a mobdro in the playstore, stop it because it is not going to work. You can only download it as an Apk form and we provide it from our website.

2. Install mobdro on Android Box

Download Mobdro Android Devices like Smartphones, tablets, and android tv boxes. Smart TV boxes are more powerful than smart TVs and fully support the Android operating system.

If you decide not to spend money on TV shows and streaming movies well mobdro works fine with zero latency and performance issues on all android boxes.

3. Install mobdro on Smart TV

Everyone spends most of their time watching TV, instead of the phone at home. To maximize your horizons and enjoy the ultimate experience, because of the large screen and comfortable use.

Here, we tell you that mobdro can work on your smart TV and multiply your happiness with free streaming. You will love mobdro on the big screen for a complete and lively experience.

4. Install mobdro Firestick

Firesticks are a great way to entertain and are the cheapest way to convert any TV to a smart TV. Mobdro is basically designed for Android devices and can also be used on Firesticks.

Since Firestick runs on an Android-based operating system, you can easily run any Android app on the Firestick. Installing mobdro on a fire stick is as simple, and its like the entire home entertainment application.

Features of Mobdro Install

  1. The fast and simple user interface gives a feeling of satisfaction.

  2. Easily search anything within touch of your fingertips.

  3. DNS is more convenient and useful than traditional https.

  4. It can save likelihood streams and videos and watch offline.

  5. Sleep timer saves your device battery and makes better use of it.

  6. Chromecast with your smartphone to your TV using mobdro.

  7. Watch video streams with friends with the share of the link.

  8. Easily share screen on Roku using mobdro cast option.

  9. Support all the Android box and Android TVs.

  10. You can remove annoying ads in one click using active ads option.

Specifications of Mobdro Install

APP Name  Mobdro APK
 Latest Version  2.1.60
 Updated On  08 June 2020
 Downloads  490000
 APK Size  17.5 MB
 Developer  Mobdro
 Content Rating  4+
 Category  Entertainment, Multimedia
 Android Version Supports  4.2 and Up
 Cost  Free

Pros and Cons

  • Works on all smart devices
  • Huge media content
  • Streams Free
  • Without Ads
  • Need vpn for more streams

Mobdro Apk New Version

Mobdro is an Ultimate Entertainment app provides all the content in a beautifully design categories and comfortable to use. The new version of mobdro apk comes with a couple of new features and they are wonderful.

The dark mode is very useful when using mobdro at night and emitting blue light on your eyes. This will filter the blue light and darken everything, just like the cinema.

The DNS option which uses instead of HTTPS for some servers for better performance and more usability. This feature is more helpful when using premium networks on mobdro.

Mobdro is free and has a huge video service network, consists of thousands of movies, TV shows, channels, music videos and more. You can find any videos from any network you want around the globe.

Since mobdro is free, you no longer need to pay for streaming services. We hope this post will give you enough information about the mobdro installation on all of your devices.

1. Install Mobdro for PC

For PCs, Mobdro’s real desire is to watch millions of channels and videos for free. Although there is no official version of the mobdro app available for PC although you can use mobdro on any pc you want.

Mobdro is a single pack application that evolves with a lot of entertainment stuff. Download Mobdro Apk and install it on any emulator you like, and enjoy a better experience with your PC device.

You can use mobdro on any Windows PC device and stream mobdro on laptops and desktops. Experience more rich media content and enjoy your entertainment on your PC with a mobdro app.

2. Install Mobdro on Roku

Roku is an inbox entertainment device just like firestick where you can enjoy all your entertainment on one platform. Want to watch entertainment on a big screen instead of small and enjoy more fun.

Well, you need to install mobdro on your Roku TV so you can enjoy favorite TV shows and movies for free. All you need is an Internet connection, where you can install mobdro app and enjoy all kinds of entertainment.

Here are the steps to easily download and install mobdro on Roku.

  1. First, download mobdro apk on your Android device phone or tablet.
  2. Second, set an internet connection on your Roku TV.
  3. Now Go to Roku Settings and enable Screen Mirroring feature.
  4. Connect your android device using a cast option and establish a connection to Roku TV.
  5. Use both of your Android and Ruku TV on the same wifi network.
  6. After establishing connections make a pair with Roku TV and Android device.
  7. Now play anything on your Android device.
  8. Roku TV display shared screen from your Android with mobdro.
  9. Enjoy mobdro on Roku.

3. Install mobdro on Android TV

Install mobdro on Android TV and it will never bore you again. Mobdro TV is free and you can download the most liked streams directly from the Mobdro App on your Android TV.

Mobdro streams media, all around the world, includes TV channels, TV shows, movies, sports and much more. You can absolutely download all in a single click and it involved no cost at all.

In addition, the screen difference between TV and phone is also very large. Both are used for streaming video, but small screens don’t offer a better viewing experience than big-screen like TV.

To download the Mobdro APK, follow the given download button and it starts the download process and provides you the fastest download link.

4. Install mobdro on Nvidia shield

The Nvidia Shield TV is slightly different from the Android TV Box. Not that much but expensive and more powerful to any android box with seamless gaming capabilities.

Not like Nvidia on windows instead, Nvidia Shield TV is more like an entertainment device for TVs for high-quality entertainment. Similarly, the mobdro app is good for free TV shows, movies, and streaming.

So you can enjoy unlimited entertainment on Nvidia Shield because it handles pretty high-quality very easily. Here are the steps you can follow to download mobdro on Nvidia Shield TV.

  1. Go to any Browser on your Nvidia Shield TV.
  2. Then Download the Mobdro apk from our website by visiting
  3. Now find the Download Location where you downloaded the mobdro apk.
  4. Click on the mobdro apk and Install it by giving all necessary permissions.
  5. After installing open mobdro and enjoy it.

5. Install mobdro on Chromecast

Mobdro comes with chrome cast features which make it easy to stream on larger screens, such as TVs. And it will be your best mate for watching your favorite movies, tv shows, sports, and movies.

You can chrome cast on any device with mobdro on your smartphone. If you have a Chromecast dongle, this will be very easy and the best way to cast mobdro on the big screen directly from your smartphone.

Here are the steps need to follow to use mobdro on chromecast device.

  1. First, plug the chromecast into your TV and turn it on.
  2. Download the mobdro apk from our site and install it on your Smartphone.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth and connect your smartphone to your chromecast device.
  4. After connection, open the mobdro app and play any video.
  5. While watching the video you will see an icon named “cast”.
  6. Click this and it will project your screen to your TV using chromecast.
  7. Feel good and enjoy mobdro.

Download Mobdro

Click the Download Button to start Downloading the Mobdro APK.

F.A.Qs of Mobdro Install

1. what is mobdro used for?

Mobdro is used for entertainment purposes only. It is an android application that provides free streaming of tv channels, tv shows, movies, music videos and much more. It works like an indexing tool that constantly looks for free video streams for users without any subscriptions. Mobdro is the best free streaming app you can find with quality content and it’s free for everyone.

2. how to share mobdro videos?

You can share mobdro videos by sharing the video link when watching a video. Click on the 3 dots of a video you want to share, here click the share button and share with friends and family.

3. can I get mobdro on Roku?

You can get mobdro for Roku with different ways and techniques. Here we show you the simplest way to use mobdro on Roku just by sharing screen. First, you need to download and install mobdro on your android device. Then open mobdro and play any video. Here you see 3 dots, click them and you will see an option called cast. Press this and it will connect you to Roku by sharing your android screen.

4. does mobdro work with chromecast?

Mobdro is fully compatible with chromecast devices and works well. This way you can enjoy media on a big screen of TVs and Monitors you want. Chromecast allows users to play any content, such as videos and music, on any digital TV.

5. How to chromecast from Mobdro?

Connect your chromecast device to your TV and turn it on. Then use the Cast option of mobdro to connect to the chrome cast device by making a connection. This way, you can watch the video stream on the big screen for more fun.

Example Site - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


Mobdro is a most fantastic free streaming app that ranks amongs the top streamings apps worldwide. A great alternative to Youtube with all sorts of free streams and Tv channels. Provide you unlimited entertainment through hundreds of TV channels live streams on your Android. You can watch all your favourite Shows, Sports and Games online. Install mobdro on any of your device and utilize your spare time. If you like, give us your feedback in the comments and please share us on Facebook. Thank you.


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